Queen Of The Villa

A tragic end to a magnificent beginning,
The decadence of feeling.
In retrospect an act quite careless,
To trust without basis!  What an irrational act…

A vice of lust as many a cases.
Like a rush response on impulse, so had we indulged
So simply into a sophisticated act, which in fact could have been of irreversible consequence , more so regrettable.
But the times we spent together were close to perfect
Times spent apart – felt in full effect.

Signs on the eve of this sudden end were transparent
Question: Is transparency apparent to the eye?
Perhaps a precise moment of denial?
Recollections best described as instances of madness
And so are a writer and a lover.

  © Heath Muchena, 2009

2 Comments on “Queen Of The Villa”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hm… thanks for your comment on my blog, how did you stumble upon it?
    I admire the ease with which you can create poetry so frequently! Rarely do I have such epiphanies…
    I like the question: is transparency apparent to the eye? Very nice.


  2. htmm says:

    i sort of just was randomly browsing n stumbled upon it lol, thanx u for the compliment- much appreciated, great fan of your work too.


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