Lady Lavinia’s Lover

Scene 1:

He is battling the  genes from a polygamist tribe

She is deflowered by a serial cheat

Scene 2:

Serendipity at the bookshelf

One look into each others eyes and alas, a reflection of self

Scene 3:

Subtle exchanges of pleasantry grow into a heavenly sin


© Heath Muchena, 2009

5 Comments on “Lady Lavinia’s Lover”

  1. Michelle says:

    I particularly love your first two lines:

    He is battling the genes from a polygamist tribe

    She is deflowered by a serial cheat


  2. Michelle says:

    And hi. 🙂


  3. htmm says:

    hi and thanks michelle, appreciate it.


  4. Ha ha ha theres nothing better than irony the polygamist relationship of lovers with other lovers all intertwined like the veins in which my blood rushes giving me that head for which i forever seek the opposite of which leaves me weak and i ask am i meek or am i just another lover lavinia’s the second the third and maybe the infinite in a never ending lover’s quest for fulfillment and maybe just maybe contentment….. not in mind but instead in flesh


  5. charmingnvulgar says:

    i’m partial to this one. and i like how you break some of your work into scenes, it feels as if life and human behavior is segregated into a string of certain acts to make things move forward or tear them down. usually “love-making” at the core of it all.


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