suddenly soul-searching

Whispers in an undertone from my mind to my conscience
Like lispers in a war zone – the kind with no patience
To remind me of self in an exercise of common sense
And fill the void unprotected by divine providence.

Was, Is, Will – yet still unable to fulfil
So all answers to come out of mere introspection is unlikely,
Even untimely – imagine pearly gates before a soul in need of a key
To enter and enjoy eternal harmony
And as seconds tick Hades draws closer,
The question remains – How ?
And the forces require answers now!

Evergreen springs, golden summers, white winters and monotone autumns
Time – set backs, leaps forward
Too many names too mention
Too many nights of dissatisfaction
Scenes in which empty words were exchanged
And negatives recorded on the love gauge,
I still remember and wonder if
My soul could be briefed on the progress
With regards to its search.
The idea of a soul mate seems far-fetched
Because of constant mismatch
Lucky he, who has found himself
Many make self-believe
Or so it seems…

I for one, think there are two very separate themes –
being content and being fulfilled by some ideal
and many have lived to die for the former.

Living for neither
But hoping the maker will deliver
She – who was crafted from my rib
Because a void was left in its place
And until she is restored
I will forever be incomplete.


© Heath Muchena, 2009

A Writer’s Work On A Woman

By the maker’s hand
Off the rib of a man
A kind came to exist
With features the other could not resist.

Bone of my bones
Flesh of my flesh
There is no need to adorn
God’s craft from pure ash.

She is beautiful
A perfect art
Complete and full
With mind, soul and heart.

To become one
Under the moon, stars and sun
Survive as long as her span
And leave the earth – daughters and sons.

To equal a male
Yet submit as well
Sophisticated is the tale
And design of a female.

© Heath Muchena, 2009

Inhibitus Populace

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