Preferential Point

Woes from prolonged dissatisfying relationships
Nurture the yearning of  a leap into something different
Indulging in fantasies about idealistic substitutes becomes frequent
Yet for the longest seals remain on your lips and your preference at your finger tips .

So I say !
Take a leap, strip yourself from the grip
When you get to that point  –
Yes you !
Take a leap
Emancipate yourself while they sleep
Creep out lest you end up creeping
And elope with whom you prefer !

© Heath Muchena, 2009

Inevitable Infidelity

Lest I’m blinded by beauty
As lust’s captive, I’ll serve thy duty
I’ll embrace my desires
And defy the sound of civil choirs.


I’ll hear them summon thee change
But I’ll ignore….
As I’ll be truly engrossed
In infinite adore.
As was once said,
“That which is wild will perhaps never be tame.”


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Petals and Blades

 Scene 1:
Sharp shiny steel reveals a fractured reflection

Scene 2:
Rich red tiled floors could be blood could be roses

Scene 3:
A smile cracks his face with a sense of satisfaction

Scene 4:
And tears trickle down her face for whatever the cause is.

© Heath Muchena, 2009

Delayed Departure

Guilt trips coupled with doses of seduction
The shackles of emotional blackmail
So now you are bound in an unsatisfying  relation
And resort to attempting escape at a pace of a snail

Contemplation of whether to stay or go
Hesitation instilled by a desire to soften the blow
A designed dependency to keep you incapable
(of attaining instant release; hence)
Postponing  that you both know is inevitable

 © Heath Muchena, 2009

The Stereotypes Of A Seed

They say:
He is a chip off the old block

I say:
He was raised among a different flock
Though cut from the same cloth
He remains him and not both
So please don’t mock !!
He is nothing like his father
Though he resembles him in one way or another
They appear the same and that is sorely down to genetics
The contrast is in the mind so don’t stereotype him you skeptics!

© Heath Muchena, 2009

Ghost of Indiscretion

Infatuated with your intangible image
Everyday I anticipate my night’s sweet haunted sleep
Traces of your nonexistent lineage
Lead me inside your never ending deep


O ! my invisible companion
Our inaudible conversations and intimate encounters
Such guilty pleasures !!!
Forbidden in your world and mine
Hence we live in a world of our own


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Those People, Those Seasons

Survived many seasons
Encountered many legions
So fast to settle and quick to pass
And when they leave or are castaway – I fast
O !  you pigeons break my heart
And leave the marks on my door when you pass over.

Dear friends of mine
You whom I have met some time
You whom I’ll meet in time
Why do you solidify then vapour ?
Only ever so often though seldom
Even back to the former;  so sublime
This time, that time, time and again
I suppose after all not only do seasons but people change.

© Heath Muchena, 2009