The Stereotypes Of A Seed

They say:
He is a chip off the old block

I say:
He was raised among a different flock
Though cut from the same cloth
He remains him and not both
So please don’t mock !!
He is nothing like his father
Though he resembles him in one way or another
They appear the same and that is sorely down to genetics
The contrast is in the mind so don’t stereotype him you skeptics!

© Heath Muchena, 2009

2 Comments on “The Stereotypes Of A Seed”

  1. realitysdream says:

    that seed from your loin…i’d never stereotype…i dont even have a stereo and let alone know what type it would be if i did have one wait a minute you werent talking about the same stereo i’m talking about where you? or am i stereotyping now?? coz i’m definitely doing something


  2. htmm says:

    i dont think we talking bout the same stereo lol but thanx 4 not stereotyping the seed from my loin haha, thanx for the comment RD always appreciated.


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