Origin Of Obscene

One glance and you impelled my lust
Subtle perversion but still unjust
My irrepressible divine I ask you to please cast
Castaway my propensity and let it be a thing of the past

I confess I obsess about you my goddess
And it occurs to me you were created to put me to test
Now Hades stares me right in the face
So helpless I’ll succumb to the curse
I find the one who will satisfy my thirst

© Heath Muchena, 2009

4 Comments on “Origin Of Obscene”

  1. I rather like this one. There is an energy to it. I’m cativated by the meter and flow.

    Miss D


  2. arunraaj says:



  3. jmeg93 says:



  4. dimanyr says:

    Really beautiful


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