De rigueur Deception

A design for survival
So don’t take it personal
Although a cunning vice
Please understand its dependency for thy life
So hence why and the basis to justify
The lie

© Heath Muchena, 2009

2 Comments on “De rigueur Deception”

  1. Pierre says:

    Truth ultimately a lie.
    A lie as an enhancement for life.
    By positing truth as their supreme values, religions ultimately kill their own gods. All one has to do is to take it to its logical ends. Herein lays the difference between mythology and religion. The former cares only to reflect the tragic, transient and orgiastic character of life whereas the latter, attempts to historicize life itself. All one has to do, and by the same token, is to historicize religion, and its god crumbles as the outcome of the historical process, man’s fall from the primordial, man’s assertion of himself as the ultimate king of the jungle.
    Both mythology and religion are attempts for reconciliation, the first fails because it’s rhythms are quick to vanish leaving one wanting for more, and the second because it’s grounded in the egotistic lie.
    One is tempted to look at modern days societal gods: nationalism and capitalism with consumerism as their supreme reality.
    What then?


  2. htmm says:

    “A lie as an enhancement for life”

    you could not have elaborated better, i appreciate the feedback


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