Escorts, Tabloids & Courts

Nobility is often accompanied with moral obligation
A ‘ not guilty’ plea will seldom redeem a reputation
Meanwhile a peasant enjoys plenitude with subtle discretion
And yet still many pursue wealth anticipating simple ejaculation


© Heath Muchena, 2009

In My Indie

A plot untitled
A cast unlisted
A budget undetermined
A setting undisclosed
A theme ambiguous
A score unrated
An attempt to portray my life in motion picture, maybe even yours


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Detours Along The Fated Freeway

Achromatic playbacks of my past
A strange sire unworthy of this satire
False acquaintances I classify a  mere means to adjust
Truth is I’m alone by the roadside with a flat tire
A voice in my head screaming at me you must, you must !!!
Every other part of me responding Liar Liar !!!


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Strings,Pills & Papers

He sings blues in song
She consumes blues in powder
Their deep blues in spirit
All that makes the news
Except the latter


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Prophets Of Profit

Philanthropic propaganda
Sinks society under
Leaves branches naked
And the earth vacant
So lets seek habitats elsewhere
Perhaps a planet bare


© Heath Muchena, 2009


Hi July

Remember we said hello world

And discovered a writer’s work on a woman

Then found ourselves suddenly soul searching

We met queen of the villa during those meandering moments

The blossom we borrowed lacked the milk of human kindness

We were stuck between dungeons and dreams

And reminisced of mahogany before you said why wonder why

Home sweet home was invaded by Lady Lavinia’s lover

I almost overdosed ,  I was so drawn

Then I remembered the parvenu

We pictured a dictator’s trial

Perhaps it was those people, those seasons

Then came my ghostly indiscretion

And the dilemma of being stereotyped as the seed

Which delayed my departure.

We played in imaginary motion with petals and blades

And that facilitated the inevitable infidelity

Once again we pictured our preferential point

While facing Sighs O Blasé

We watched Avril singing her ablution anthem

And we echoed epicureanism embracing elations of existentialism

Then there was that whale in the wilderness and cant forget about the roadside rendezvous

We figured all we needed was a jacuzzi, jazz and jalepenos

And that was our vision of vaults

20’s saw the jester and the janitor, we did not want to miss everything

So we took it back to the origin of obscene

And when we got there all we got was a bill and a heartbreak

Some nights were fun, remember salsa in Southsea ?

There was no need to avenge aquarius, otherwise peace would not embrace us

But instead we chose de rigueur deception as it was the only option

And prayed for parole palace and we exited enigma

We thought about sixes, sevens and shaka

It must have been the fever for fortune

We sang the hymns and jumped the hurdles while enjoying celestial especial

And then Portia Galactica came into our lives

It was time to bury the dreamer and cut class

And so we did, in the ship at clay bay

We promised lust forever as we enjoyed the swiss kiss

And so now we must co-exist at the very least

And what will unfold from here forth lies in God’s fist


© Heath Muchena, 2009