Two & a Taxi

Confirmation of a destination

Is usually the start of a conversation

Sometimes it ends there as your thoughts wander

Or silence simply co-exists with your tabula rasa

But often you plunge into a chinwag about the common clichés of work , play or the day

On occasion exchanges of subtle wit, philosophies and wordplay

And hence that inspired this as I promised a man he would be written about

Without credit to a name as they are rarely exchanged and unnecessary

Truth is we all are characters in somebody’s story at one point or another

Thus we make up history regardless on or off the record

Question is how are we portrayed in that story told or written or just thought

And how impressionable are we to those we ride short distances with

Like those two in that taxi?



© Heath Muchena, 2009

3 Comments on “Two & a Taxi”

  1. Are there really any coincidences? Could it be those that come and go in our lifes are there for a reason no matter how brief?

    This is beautifully written.

    Miss D


  2. htmm says:

    Good point , it certainly could be one those. thanx for stopping by , good to see u back.


  3. Awesomness nothing clearearer plainfull plainess simplicity is my york and i shall bake with it !!


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