Living On The Surge

Lured to the crater,
cheered on by desire –
a temptress welcomes you…
tells you it’s nature’s intent
that you ooze lava –
with reckless indiscretion.


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Aloha Kama-Loka

As you lay there in search of your never ending deep

Flashbacks in an instant of perfect lucidity

‘You understand yourself unadorned by flattery or self-deception’

Without desire to reincarnate,

Perhaps you have lived one lifetime too many….

You journey back to non-existence.

Inspired by: At the Solemn Moment of Death: Dying & Soon After

A Collation from the Writings of H.P. Blavatsky & the Mahatmas


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Immortal Isolation

Forever seems all of my dreams
My puddles of emotions
Have no motion except when the poetry plays
And the mind is my companion in the  light of day
Daydreaming one day you’ ll dress my wounds
When I return from battle
Hoping that day comes soon
Longing for home and a place for my heart to settle
I remember you , hope you remember me
Sometimes I wish for future scars so I can feel again
Now that my smiles are few and far between
And my tears flow upstream
But for you I will live in immortal isolation


© Heath Muchena, 2009

Fossils of Folly

And these are the remnants
A great depression
Even heartbreak
A life of regret
And a mind in discomposure


© Heath Muchena, 2009

The Heathen Of Eden

Four rivers and three regions
Equal seven after the six degrees of separation
Standing between sin and heaven
Making humanity seem like a gadarene swine


© Heath Muchena, 2009