An Alien Union

scene 1: Exhibition at the gallery

High ceilings and chandeliers
Diamonds and purses
Champagne flutes and a grand piano

Enter :
Lady Lavinia : So I’m guessing your mission to space was a success
Elyas: I suppose you could say that, errm look there ‘s something I need to tell you

Scene 2:
Portia Galactica: Hey dear so this is what your world looks like?
Elyas: Yes, errm Portia this is Lavinia
Lady Lavinia: Who is Portia?
Portia Galactica: And who is she?

Elyas: Ladies from now on it’s us three. This is us.

Scene 3:

Blissful polygamy


© Heath Muchena, 2010

The last birth

In the last days before the new world order
We’ll run into thick bush
Hoping to preserve humanity
By going back where we came from

In an age of no compassion
Births will be controlled
So we make one last real baby
just as God made his first in the beginning


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Seen In Solipsis

And she circled the universe in her saucer
Seeking understanding of her experiences on the 3rd planet

Some reflections mirrored in her consciousness
Dreams of tangible objects and orgasmic encounters

The reality of human greed and quests for survival plus
Lifestyles and life-expectancies that are perishable

So as fate negotiates time in poetic sublime
Glide into forever and see in solipsis


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Sabbath in the savannah

Sunshine all year, so another day is nothing new.
Shade under the boabab… whats for brunch, kudu?
Congregate for a daily lesson from wise old sekuru
He says ‘honor mother nature and she will always provide for you.’

Boys courting beautiful girls with beads around their necks.
Drums beating and a thumb piano in a wooden shell case.
Clear blue skies so we sing songs to summon the rains,
And that is just another sabbath down in the savannah plains.


© Heath Muchena, 2010