Interception Episode 2 : Mid-Life

in his 50s

living his dreams

of  jet fuel abuse
a Japanese masseuse
green kush and guava juice


a bachelor on the loose….


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Nympho and the Beast

they flirt

have sex

and lord knows what else


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Potifar’s Emasculation

his ultimate weakness was undeniable.
and impulses virtually irrepressible.
her scent, her bloom – the pistil.

she could have been a pistol
the way she blew his brains out.

fears of a fate similar to his folk
made him realise one thing for certain;
it was time to free his mind.

they say free thinking is the purest form of existence
unattainable in the presence of desire
so he contemplated a life without ….

regrets and doubt
sex, lust or love unless platonic
as a result!


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Auto – Motive

Surfing the waves of life,
The highs and lows.
In view of a beautiful tide,
I swear my vows.
And when I start to drown
Another wave of hope follows through.
It sweeps me to the shore,
Powered by the ultimate motive – survival.


© Heath Muchena, 2010