Literally Urgent: affair with a Literary Agent

when art meets passion
you get a cart full of temptation

she’s got what I need
so letters to her I feed
and we are what you read


© Heath Muchena, 2010


Petals & Blades II

I’m elated in your presence

but it’s

a bubble

so soft

and vulnerable


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Sweet 6:15

Southern skin
Eastern eyes
Where have you been
All my life

I can’t sing
So here I write
I’d do anything
To give you butterflies

And since you’re queen
I’m your knight
So let me
Inside your hive


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Cold Case Cocoon

free from the chains of co-existence
but not completely unsociable

a few good friends
and more alone time is desirable

the wine needs to mature
so I embrace my lifetime

I have been a lover
a pupil and now an adult


© Heath Muchena, 2010