Dungeons and Dreams II

A great escape turns into confinement
When liberties are deprived of consciousness.

In a realm without a single amendment
You discover the deepest sorrows and the highest levels of happiness.


© Heath Muchena, 2010

If IV ever comes

Under the surface of suspense,
Some inadequacies lie still.
Like a magnifier on ants,
The sun could be fuel.

Will you make me Antares,
Or just a supernova.
I guess I will only know this,
Next time you come over.

When dawn arrives,
You’re first on my mind.
Imagining our future lives,
One step behind.

If IV ever comes…..


© Heath Muchena, 2010


you may acquire wisdom through life experience but knowledge you will have to seek


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Journey back to Jacaranda II

sounds of the mbira
like summons of a spiritual healer

I miss them, and her


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Interception Episode III : Tattoos, Coffee & The Rest Of…

a love for body art
and the work of network science

brought us together

now my mind’s imagination motions
as I’m presented many different notions
but since scenes make acts
today I cannot wait to see what happens next


© Heath Muchena, 2010