Farewell Fairy Tale

As I say goodbye to the moment,
I see the dust that remains but wonder where went the jewel.
Like the last grain of clay that remains after a potter completes an ornament,
I feel separated from it all and helplessly bid farewell.


© Heath Muchena, 2010



How can I deny
When I look so bare?
How can I lie
Yet still absorb your air?

Why should I try
And how could I dare?
Why wait until another season goes by
And would that be fair?


© Heath Muchena, 2010

Fall Fiction

As the season transitions,
So does my spirit.
Although it is an exorcism of legions,
A part of me still remains fiendish.


© Heath Muchena, 2010

A Diamond On Deathrow

They say you are forever,
But I think they are deluded.

One day you’ll meet your maker,
Just as a romance is concluded.

So when the cock crows,
They will see your flaws;

And that is how you know
You are a stone’s throw from death row.


© Heath Muchena, 2010