A Street Lodge Down The Gorge

What we did behind…
The unlit, the blinds.
The seed we sowed,
Deep in that gorge.
Now I wonder…
If you went back to water it.
Do you think it grew or outgrew?
Did it die in the shadows of what we did?
Do you even remember…
What we did, what we were?
Or it was a dream I had?
What I saw when I closed my eyes?


© Heath Muchena, 2012

One Comment on “A Street Lodge Down The Gorge”

  1. reader says:

    Good one. Reminds me of winter. Once’ve seeded a seed it stays in the frozen ground, asleeping, surviving adverse conditions. As the air gets warmer it awakes to life. Once u’ve seeded a seed of feelings it lives its own life, stays deep inside, never dies, can’t be forgotten, waits for right moment. Moment of choice perhaps. Do u want to water it? Such a waste of leaving it, cause to come it into being, in the first place, is so uncommon. May never repeat.


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