High up ‘O sole mio

Magically appeared as if summoned by the forces
Tragically disappeared into crucifixion darkness
Now I obsess about the recovery of our losses
And confess without you I’m hopeless


© Heath Muchena, 2012

Passion’s Ode to Lyric

Blank pages

Empty stares

Quiet rages

Individual pair


Body engages

Animal affair

Sharp edges

Broken air


On hate, love gauges

An equal share

A word sage

Dump with fear


© Heath Muchena, 2012

Fingerprints of the Fallen

Sketches of contours mark
Days, months and years
Like patterns on a trunk.
The smiles, the tears…
A tale of a broken hearts
On the trail of hopes and fears.


© Heath Muchena, 2012

Jade & Ruby

Green and red –

The colour of stones;

Inscribed with word

And contents of song.

Rainbows galore –

The synesthetic glow

Of a familiar sense of being

And a similar sort of dream.


© Heath Muchena, 2012