Picnic Finish

On a sunny afternoon, lay a blanket on the green grass;

A healthy desire and a fruit basket is a must.

One plum to thank for the company from the bottom,

Two cherries for a moment to cherish,

A peach if the heart you hope to reach.

Melons and mango if in the mood to tango,

Berries and guavas for the new born lovers;

And some kiwi and grape for that great escape.



© Heath Muchena, 2012

Welcome to Woodstock: The Journey

A stone’s throw away from her window,
Through my very own surrounded by the walls on which I scribble
A poem that upon your perusal I hope will show mass,
And sound sweeter than the clinking of pebbles
Against your glass view hole.

So as I wander about this little place,
I ask that you be my guide –
Help me surf the tide
And give me grace.


© Heath Muchena, 2012

Living Forever

Permanence is a creation of history;

History an assertion of mystery.

Mystery is in the cosmos;

But what if the cosmos are just photos,

The all-powerful projections!


Would we still project into the future?

Would we hold elections?

Would we ever need a tutor?

Would we revisit the past?

Would we stay right here, right now?

Would we live and last forever? But how?



© Heath Muchena, 2012

Shapes On Blue Canvas

With a rolled up burning torch on my lips,

Perpendicular in the big circle were rectangles and triangles.

I became a vessel pointing at all angles like the whole world was within my grips,

The mystic essence of angels –

Dancing on some nights sparkling bright

Withdrawing on others behind those layers of white paper and black ink painting grey art.

 He feared my might and abhorred my sight

Demanding a pint of blood in a sink for colour, he asked me to think about

The ghost of Juan Gris

Or the woman of my dreams

And wish for a kiss before all turns to shatter cone.

© Heath Muchena, 2012

Miss Ignatius

I put to you this matter.
How is it that you’re made of such precious texture?
Through your eyes I see the colour of nature,
And your smile inspires this very letter.
You speak words as sweet as nectar.
Pardon my failure to express better;
But my mind is sedated by the rays of your cosmic factor.
Your love for fiction and my aversion to psychological time make for a perfect picture.
It was the utmost pleasure
Making your acquaintance should we not meet later
Remember even substance is vapour.

Please read at your leisure,
Love is forever…


© Heath Muchena, 2012

Walking Waverly Way

Quaking from the ground beneath
Marking his stride.
He had flourished in the heat
Until time was denied.

Rest in peace!


© Heath Muchena, 2012