The Evolution of Human Interaction

Sight once sufficed

Before the discovery of sensation;

Which naturally bore the spoken word –

And that in turn the conception of the intricate maze

Of sight, sensation, word and memory…

That modern man ought to be free of.


© Heath Muchena, 2012

September Spring

ImageAwakens life –

The bee diligently works to pollinate,

The crow effortlessly glides through the still air,

Man adventures tempting fate and tasting life,

But there is harmony in the action so that pleasure becomes it.


Existence is the movement not part of it.

Perception is revelation and not just a kind of it.


Everything is one on this September spring,

Life is whole and complete is my being.


Thought in its movement stops –

When you realise life is not yours or mine,

It is neither the crow’s nor the bee’s,

It’s one, constant and orderly in its rhythm,

It is just life and not a system.


© Heath Muchena, 2012

The Design Of Imagination

A shell for the cortex,
Light for the eye,
Sound for the ear,
Senses for the sex.
Nature nor I,
Since there’s no I if I’m here.
No illusion, no fact
No truth, no lie
No courage, no fear
Full reflex.
No laugh, no cry
No front, no rear
That’s how you create.


© Heath Muchena, 2012

A Fair Lady & The Freeway Florist

First day of spring,
And the sweet illusions begin.
I hope I wasn’t too late to the scene,
And hope that this is not too ornate a thing.

Imagine a lime night with a green goddess,
Purple passage, purple poem, purple rose –
Where you got it nobody knows;
Since selling them on the streets is against this city’s laws.

Could it have been from the vendor at the traffic light?
He who is blessed to breathe the chilly air under the starlit sky at 10pm,
Appearing and disappearing as fast as the green turns to amber then red – what a sight;
Purple passage, purple poem!


© Heath Muchena, 2012