Battle Lights

Black days,

Yellow nights,

Conscious existence dark,

But bright in the un …

Once felt I had all the luck,

Before reality stole fun.


Morning greys,

Midnight lights,

In my heart I tuck,

Memories of the love we spun.

And as the gardener who’d never pluck

Before the ripe season has begun,

I’ll never say –

Never to afternoon delights.


© Heath Muchena, 2012

Human Gods

The incapable creators,

Perfectly flawed;

Plentifully endowed



© Heath Muchena, 2012

Too Late For First Place

They say two can’t be first place,

So instead of me it’s him –

Instead of you it’s her,

But what about us? Maybe another time and place.

In the meantime not a day goes by

When I don’t think of the walks in the woods and on the beach,

The first kiss, the first tear  –  sweet sorrow streams  gone dry.


Experience is supposed to teach,

And what I’ve learnt thus far is REACH…

Reach inside your soul,

And love without goal.

But no matter how profound the lesson,

The most part is beyond comprehension.


It’s not as if we fell out;

There are no bad memories to help with getting over,

Only the lingering recollection of a faded perfect –

A flooded desert.


© Heath Muchena, 2012