Aloha Kama-Loka II

Endings frighten us,

So we invent forever … we create beliefs.

Ideals about love are myths,

So we bite our tongues but kiss.

We yearn for the bliss that meditation is supposed to lease,

But we never see what really is…

Never see what death achieves…

The ending of time, the birth of eternity,

Unconditioned by hopes, undetermined by clocks…

So please forget me, if you hope to begin to love

And even tell yourself I’m not what you found me to be if the memory persists.

Let me write you out of my mind too.

Let me lose you so that there are no words…

So that there is silence, so you can have nirvana.

Don’t fear the death of us, from that we reach a new plane…

Free from pain and the wanting of warmth.

Learn to appreciate the colour of heartache,

And smile like a half grey moon,

Because compassion is not in the departure from,

But rather in the meeting of truth.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

2 Comments on “Aloha Kama-Loka II”

  1. soulfulfan says:

    This is beautiful & devastating: “please forget me if you hope to begin to love.” You writings are for lack of a non-lame word, Exquisite with the obligatory angst or sadness hiding beneath. Maybe it’s not always obligatory, i dont know. Have you published a collection of your works in paper form or no plans to?
    Thank you,


  2. dbp49 says:

    It is in this kind of pain that true love is born. As labor-pains bring forth the child.


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