High up ‘O sole mio II

I’ve found comfort in many

but satisfaction only in you.


Holy hemp oft connects me with the galaxies

but –

You take me higher than heaven.


Without You there’s no beyond


You are everything

and I want to dwell in your imaginarium forever.


without You life’s beauty is incomplete…



I’ve so far managed to carry on

only because memory granted a lifeline

and since that’s all I can access…


and if mind creates matter,

then perhaps there’s yet hope for us

– I hope

– I smoke.



© Heath Muchena, 2013

Father Courage and His Children

Rather you’d disappeared down the bottom of the Chinhoyi Caves
instead of succumbing to the implied mercury or
the inferred toxins left in the mines
by the cowardly alien, when he lost what he had stolen.
Had there never been invasion, your fate might have been different.
You’d have adorned your children with all the minerals
just as our ancestors once did
instead of digging for profit.
If only culture hadn’t been lost…
the once was Family wouldn’t have abandoned your seeds.
They would have nurtured them,
as their grandmother would, but she too was taken
by another of their biological inventions – Alas!
Dust to dust…
but we need yours to enrich the earth once more
Lest we all perish…
Hear our call and heal our souls….

To grow and never finish…


© Heath Muchena, 2013

Letter to a dead soldier’s daughter

We might have been familiar even earlier than I remember…
It’d only make sense considering my most vivid memory
is still of the time of that little innocent kiss under the desk…
Perhaps I wasn’t so innocent because shortly after I was chasing the rest
of the other girls; but we always remained close.
I even once gave up a school trip
So you could go in my place.
A time when the earth was still the blood in my drip,
The soil on my feet.
Our sisters too were friends,
One wonders what happened to them;
What happened to us?
Oh yes: I changed schools around fifth grade
You wrote letters and you saw the gesture repaid
Because I’d be back at your house during holidays…
And always brought with me the ecstasy of child’s play.
I remember the big kale garden being a favoured hideaway,
When your mother unexpectedly came back and my welcome expired.
I hope she is well, she was a good Nurse;
If only the gods had flown her over the basin to save your father
Who had been sent to war around 1998.
He never came back, things were never the same, things had definitely changed.
Same time adolescence brought its wave of pretence and naturally we grew apart.
Wish I’d had your back – been there – instead of showing so little heart.
It’s been about a decade since, but
I did hear some years ago how you had a child…
I hope you’ve found youth again dear friend.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

A Song for Trino

Some years have passed

since my eyes first came upon

This woman worth of praise

but not to be priced.


You came to me from the unknown…

but in my heart you found a place,

and there you’ve stayed;

made it your home.


With each day that passes

I give her more of me than I ever imagined possible…

because She’s done the impossible;

jumping over hurdles,

whilst I basked in her glory and cheered in song…


… and the melody goes…



She’s fought battles for me

and so I will conquer the world for her.

My heir she’ll bear,

and her tears/fears I’ll make disappear…

So that all that remains is more song, more cheer…


… and the melody goes…



© Heath Muchena, 2013


Since all fear is founded on ignorance; see it decay in the wake of truth.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

The Evolution of Human Interaction II

When observing human relations,

I’m persuaded that almost none are transcendent;

Only in ideals.

Despite this they remain invaluable,

But should one seek even closer relations with the rest of nature instead,

These may prove more honest.



© Heath Muchena, 2013

Words… II

As powerful as nature is the force of words.

Capable of giving a golden summer day or tempest;

Allowing by association – men of equal action

To be perceived as either thieves or conquerors,

Or a people primitive instead of original.


© Heath Muchena, 2013