Father Courage and His Children

Rather you’d disappeared down the bottom of the Chinhoyi Caves
instead of succumbing to the implied mercury or
the inferred toxins left in the mines
by the cowardly alien, when he lost what he had stolen.
Had there never been invasion, your fate might have been different.
You’d have adorned your children with all the minerals
just as our ancestors once did
instead of digging for profit.
If only culture hadn’t been lost…
the once was Family wouldn’t have abandoned your seeds.
They would have nurtured them,
as their grandmother would, but she too was taken
by another of their biological inventions – Alas!
Dust to dust…
but we need yours to enrich the earth once more
Lest we all perish…
Hear our call and heal our souls….

To grow and never finish…


© Heath Muchena, 2013

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