A meeting with Nehanda and Kaguvi at the House of Stone

And they said:

“Reclaim your lands and rivers,

Define your culture,

Feed your families,

Write your history,

Control your economy,

Develop your education,

Cultivate your arts and crafts,

Live by your laws,

Practice your religion,

Realise your wealth,

Understand nature’s endowments…

And your godly originality, but also

Be aware of your conditioning,

Study your foes and your conspirators’ methods of warfare,

Master their language as much as yours,

Understand their motives and the nature of their institutions — 

All this to better defend yourself.

Above all, know yourself,

And let your consciousness create your world.”


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Origin of Obscene II : Not About You

Been a while since we touched…

I really do hope you’re not touched…

But if you are it’s OK, we’re all bound to catch feelings…

So I won’t explain the silences …

Just know it’s unintended, I’m just living…

Life is good and busy…

For You and me both, it seems…

But I hope you understand it was all for the art.

Hope you’ll feel it was worth it when I finally put it out.

I heard Malcom Gladwell say it takes 10,000 hours to master,

And although I’ve walked the same streets of Fareham,

Hampshire gave me a different feeling, like I’d had all it had to offer…

Until I met her, the most significant…

The one who embraced that whole past…


But it takes a lifetime and that’s what we are working on…

Whatever its duration…


but back to You…

I had to keep on moving …

Seek new experiences to draw upon,

The time we spent was a hell of a high…

And I hope you’re still as innocent

As that summer Corinne Bailey Rae was on the radio …

… when Amy was still alive… back to black, back to back…

Hoegaarden and trees in Leeds…

High on Asahi in Cornwall

Sailor Jerry in Bournemouth…

Singha in Manchester with the one girl I managed to keep it platonic with,

Ironic because that’s who I remember most.

I’ll never forget my Chichester companions, or the small town Bognor babes…

We committed beautiful sins, we were young, wild and free…

In and out of love

Almost as if I never wanted more…

like it was enough for me.

Anymore time together would have made it stale,

I had to keep it fresh,

I had to detach

I have to do my art

and already my heart is taken

Now I’ve got another,

I think she’s the one.


back to you ….

At least I’m willing to do this much,

i.e write this piece to you —

for you and her, and her and the rest.


So I can put that past to rest,

But It doesn’t make you less —

I’ll forever hold the memory…

But I hope you understand I had to love me enough for the both of us.

If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t have done it like I did.

But tell me — how do I sound to you?

Do you even think about me?

Is it fragmentary?


Just look in the mirror —

You’ll see a reflection…

And before you get self-absorbed …

remember the beauty.


You are my ART,

But I have to stay with her because that’s my heart!



© Heath Muchena, 2013


Intentional shaping of consciousness is the mastery of creation.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

Purple Weekend

Cinnamon stick tea and fine weekend wine…

Sitting in the garden burning purple



of you my sweet….

Writing this, mind sketching greater works… still to come!

All of a sudden,

a blow from the South Atlantic High,

Clouds flee, rays break through… Nature’s loving!

Still something is missing,

Maybe it’s you…

the inspiration to this piece….

If only I could whisper into your ear…

face to face.


I absorb it all, inhale some more,

drop down and do fifty more — push ups!

… remember us?

Those good times?

Smile baby — look up!

Pick up these scattered pieces from our broken hearts.

Put them back together, so that instead of being apart like Saturday & Sunday,

We come together as One Weekend…

…in the end.



© Heath Muchena, 2013

A brief dialogue on Action

Homeless man (Hm): Please let me tell you One thing, will you?

Pedestrian (P): Go on then

HmWe do what we have to do.

P: Right… erm …

Hm: That’s it, One thing.

P: (taking change out of his pocket and giving it to the HM) Right – yes, okay.

(bewildered, he walks away asking himself: what is it I have to do? what is the right action?)

Hm: (putting the change received into his pocket, thinking to himself whilst watching the pedestrian walk away – Oh-h don’t worry yourself, you’ve already done it.)


© Heath Muchena, 2013


The only real religion is Truth, and there is no path to it.



© Heath Muchena, 2013