September Spring II

I used to obsess about seeing the world

until the realisation that I was unfamiliar with the trees outside my window,

and the birds that perch in them…

even the weeds and insects in my garden thrived unbeknownst to me

just as the soil beneath my feet and the clouds and sun above…

and the stars in the night sky.

Based on how little I knew I decided that I only needed to start looking at my surroundings

to discover something new.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

7 Comments on “September Spring II”

  1. MtkTF says:



  2. MissFit says:

    This is such a dynamic piece. It is a sentiment I have often felt. But never said out loud [for fear that it was true?]

    For I have always wanted to see the world. But the truth is – there are many worlds inside a life.


  3. Love the category name and the articles under it. Sweet coincidence that I’m ambidextrous, too.


  4. storyfairy says:

    I like this poem. It reminds me of one I’ve been working on.


  5. Argus says:

    Get thee out to a tree, climb it, perch there a while—

    —then be like most folks and shove the blasted birds out of their nests …


  6. downbythebrook says:

    I like this- a good reminder of what we often hurry by and miss.


  7. strum11 says:

    “…the trees outside my window”. That’s really where life is, isn’t it? The present moment. 🙂


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