Those People, Those Seasons II

Aboard the Simon’s Town train

I met a once upon, one-off acquaintance;

and despite the inestimable  time-lapse and no recollections having been sought thereafter,

the residue of the pleasant impressions from our once upon, one-off encounter

clearly revived the affinity and we resumed the colourful conversations about humanities.


The train arrived at Rosebank station and my now twice met acquaintance got off,

then I began to think of the numerous other encounters

with all those characters…

those faces, those places

those people, those seasons….


And it all made sense…

…  it all had worth

as I concluded that:     … just as a painter may require a landscape,

a writer may need experiences …

                           to draw upon but not necessarily to hold on to.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

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