Sayings For Sale III

A poem’s fate not only falls on the page

but on the whole cosmic bed

and so —


for my senses to not acknowledge the fresh air

some of which is polluted by the smoke from the burning green…


to fail mention of the deep blue sky littered with seemingly insignificant stars

that if I could reach out and grab a piece of, heavens!!! I bet they’d taste like Gorgonzola…


the sacred arch between the two trees

that one can’t help but speculate nature carved especially for this view

from which I observe, looking past the picket fence into the quiet open park space…


even the waters from the rill are chattering —

thanks to the weekend rain…


the obvious necessity of all these

reveals life as the very surface upon which poetry thrives/dies.


© Heath Muchena, 2013

One Comment on “Sayings For Sale III”

  1. Beautiful imagery.


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