She was searching for safety —

a form of psychological security —

and that He understood clearly.

It was after all, a common, although fatal human error in Understanding

that is – to seek such a thing – so illusory.


She told him: because She was insecure

and safety was what She desired most —

as it should come first —

She’d have to let him go,

and let him explore his youth.

Lies or truth – that is what she told.


He gave her a look, sweet but bold

instead of going cold.

He understood how She thought that by

negating what she thought was the cause of Her insecurity — His youthful virility–

She’d find a haven…


But Heavens… He thought:

If She’d only realise that She was Insecurity —

the embodiment of it,

the thought, feeling, emotion – the whole composite – not separate…

He thought: if only She’d been aware,

maybe then could She ever find it — the Security — safety.

She might’ve even found herself,

but not until She was ready to negate

Her image, Her constitution.


All this He however did not tell her,

instead he accepted that it was perhaps,

a necessary journey for her to undergo.

He thought: maybe She’d come upon this discovery in her own time,

at her own expense.

Also, a partial smile, a nod and a simple ‘All right’

seemed a less destructive action

than attempting to help her SEE… Herself,

which would have been the only remedy.



© Heath Muchena, 2014

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