Carne Place

Whilst out, around Llandudno

after a swim in the ocean

in a large cove


having a smoke

and talking to friend I last saw a while ago.

Trading new stories,

delving into old memories…

Bournemouth, where we first met;

how I came to call him the devil

and how he came to call me the heathen

and how we revelled from the south to the north —

Portsmouth to Harrogate,

during our times there — Lads indeed!

Then we got speaking of the loves we had pursued,

the world over,

how that turned him from a Capetonian devil to a Swedish maniac —

He is in a happy place, and I am happy for him.

I did, however, find much of the recollections of my swashbuckles mere marvels,

and nothing more,

but when the thought of US…

Yes YOU and me — if you remember that summer in Port Solent?

When our love was potent;

those were some of my best moments…

Even though life couldn’t be better now,

I miss feelings that matter —

We were free spirits,

with free hearts and freed emotions.

Who knew I’d find real love too,

even free love

in that foreign land.



© Heath Muchena, 2014

Lust Forever III

Nothing lasts forever, but lust…

and in spite of the evanescence of youth,

it is refined like an ageing wine —

differing in taste.


Nothing casts a darker shadow on love like mistrust,

irrespective of speculation or truth;

it dies as would an unwatered vine —

from a lack….


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Songs of Amusia

I have no doubt that he loves you

but that he will fight for you —

and since I don’t even have you

the question of love is ridicule —

because my heart’s still with you

and my body is dying for you.



© Heath Muchena, 2014

Petals & Blades III

A bed with petal sheets
and blade posts
on which lovers lie…

concealing other ties
and their covetous eyes —
the sum of freedoms lost.

Masking fears
and sometimes tears —
two unhappy ghosts…

with heads on a sharp calyx
filled with a million emotions…
One would think they’d hold steady
since they’re tightly petalled,
but as we know: there can be no hips in such roses —
no lips – no kiss.


© Heath Muchena, 2014

20’s See II

Realising that knowledge and passion without action

cannot make an artist,

just as brain and bones without consciousness

cannot make Man,

it becomes clear that my fate lies in my doing

just as life depends not on existing but living.


And so more scribbling…

for the sake of maintaining.


If this is what being married for 20 feels like

then I might be in it for the longest ride.

Because everyday I discover how much knowledge

there is yet to acquire,

and also how much passion I possess – a burning fire!


But it only ever feels right when I actually write.


And so this fate my 20’s See —

This Is The Way I Live.


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Awake Again II

The movement is constant

regardless of these markers of time.

Consciousness too has remained the same

despite our resolve to become better man.

I too am much the same

even though I would like to see myself different.

So these hands will write again…

the same old poems which hope to read and sound better.


© Heath Muchena, 2014