In my indie II

Half moon bright around the edges –

the incandescence piercing through the thin cloud;

around it a cluster of stars –

each demanding close inspection

but not comparison.


A sheet of cloud drifts by –

headed north to join the blanket over the mountain.

A potent but mild wind blows from the south east,

as if to say: all that is missing is her.


So that got me thinking:

as much as my senses are relishing

this rare indulgence of contemporary living —

the soundtrack to this night

is not one of nature —

neither the sound of the wind blowing,

nor the Egyptian geese quacking

in the little park across the garden —

but instead the music coming out of the mp3 player….


Instantly I realise that

even though I can’t have it all

it is all for me.


© Heath Muchena, 2014

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    Reblogged this on On The Heath .


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