The 20 Something Experience

When asked what his experience had been, he answered:

She once played guitar and sang for me,

and I once wrote her a poem whilst we were under the covers…


we watched and played sports together,

explored beaches and forests together,

dined and attended theatres together…


we even got high together

and stayed up many nights talking about whatever…


we laughed all the time,

cried for each other sometimes,

made love everywhere…


There was a long silence and then he continued:

that’s pretty much everything.


© Heath Muchena, 2014

3 Comments on “The 20 Something Experience”

  1. penjedi says:

    Wait up!
    Traveller, there is no path here
    The way is made by walking it.
    (Thank you for walking my way)


  2. Oh…. another one I love,. Fantastic and so correct. It really is everything.


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