the jealous servant

For some days the king’s servant

would amidst the choirs of the wind

roam the grounds

in search of the royal hound.

One evening, upon his return

he said to the king:

sire, what’s been lost I’ve not found

but tomorrow, the day after, and until spring comes as you’ve ordered

I will inquire into this disappearance

but I have a feeling

had that dog true allegiance 

he’d have never left your side

just as I desire to never retire

although you’d rather I spend my days

searching for that ungrateful mongrel.’

At this this point the king responded:


I’ll make you regret it

I know you put my pet to death


or I will have you put down

in the same hole you buried it!’

The servant in a desperate attempt to save himself

fell to his knees

face to the ground and said:

‘I did it out of jealousy, not hate.’

The king ordered the servant be banished to beyond his kingdom’s gate.

© Heath Muchena, 2014

4 Comments on “the jealous servant”

  1. MissFit says:

    well done. how often we go about getting what we seek in the most inefficient of ways …or is that too bland? perhaps the we must look at the nobility…can there be nobility in murder? is there ever a right time to play god?


  2. interesting…..that’s good…


  3. ispacelived says:

    This take on poetry is so inspiring!
    Can i inquire where u got your work copy written boss?


  4. bachatan says:

    holy shit! loved it


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