muse & him

didn’t take me much to ascertain that the only deities of significance are feminine

there’s mother nature

others in-between

and of course the muse


how charming she is

never letting a drop of inspiration trickle

unless I give her my full attention

and draw her close with gentleness


© Heath Muchena, 2014


those who dread living are afraid of dying



© Heath Muchena, 2014


be weary of those who venerate the created but not the creator


© Heath Muchena, 2014


nothing gives humanity

more points of reference

than a starry night sky



© Heath Muchena, 2014



if this world offers no place

for your dreams to manifest

take them to space



© Heath Muchena, 2014


your disposition is bound to influence your perception

thus if you don’t doubt everything

you’ll never see past anything


© Heath Muchena, 2014


… two to…

even when I think anew
I still think of you

a better you
and a better me too



© Heath Muchena, 2014

Pleasure In Platonia III

memories are nothing more than
nostrums for man’s empty existence

let them be fond
we are alone

if of battles
we have won


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Untitled III

lost in a moment
going nowhere

right there
wide open
like early morning

pancake on a plate
blueberry topping

so much care
and yet so so free
like an elopement


© Heath Muchena, 2014

bird blues

how dare you


that I do

what I detest


think me a fool?

your mistake

now away with you

let me rest


won’t fly unless

the sky is blue

won’t leave my nest

’til it’s time to



© Heath Muchena, 2014