The Legend of Urban Fridays III

she said

c’mon over to my pad

bring a bottle of red

I have dinner prepared

for a moment he dared not say a word

not quite sure if he was glad

or a little afraid


© Heath Muchena, 2014

8 Comments on “The Legend of Urban Fridays III”

  1. Reading this made me giggle — I know not why, hehe!

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  2. SiriusOryon says:



  3. john hauge says:

    go for it. life is about the learning curve.


  4. I get this sense of desperation from it. She wants him to come over, she really does. And he’s probably been dreaming of it for a while. She made him dinner, but suddenly he starts to think “Is this really what I want?” I imagine this going on late at night. Anyway, I really like this. Good job.


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