Waiting for God at

you’ll love

you’ll lose

and let go


then love again

and sometimes even better than before

if along the way you somehow managed to grow


but taking into account the odds

you’re bound to lose once more

however, by this time, it shouldn’t be as difficult for you to move on

but if so, then a kind of sorrow soon follows


still, as long as man lives, man hopes

and so you’ll go on

waiting for your god to grant the mate your soul longs for


© Heath Muchena, 2014

Purge Cage

in the flower of his youth 

a rejuvenated soul

with a revived heart

had a chance

to have a much needed new start


but when the hour of truth

came upon

it became a must

that he let go

all of the past


© Heath Muchena, 2014


he had been the other man

more times than he’d been the main

and there never was need to complain


however, he’d vowed to exercise restraint

although he couldn’t help but rescue them

and so he found himself at it again


© Heath Muchena, 2014

not(e) to all

this is not a poignant reminder
of times passed
but rather
a note of appreciation for those
and also moments still to come


so, thank you for everything
for your eyes and energies
I appreciate all
beyond expression


and if you still want more
there’s plenty in store
at least another five-years’ worth
before I drop




signing off

two zero one four


Happy Hols 🙂



Of Song

I can’t recite not one poem

and don’t read many, just some


I’m no good with idiom

and know not theory

and could never follow form


yet they still come

sometimes from the dome

at times from the heart

and so I jot them down


some full of soul

others quite numb


one a bore

another fun


never know

what’s in store

but I suppose

that’s the draw



© Heath Muchena, 2014



I self-loathe

for all the hurt

I caused

the love I paused

when I was supposed

to dedicate.


Only you


my lust for life

and I never should’ve hesitated

and made you my wife.



do you relate?


© Heath Muchena, 2014


political but impartial

connected but individual


it doesn’t take one much to realise

he is just a part of the whole


© Heath Muchena, 2014