Of Song

I can’t recite not one poem

and don’t read many, just some


I’m no good with idiom

and know not theory

and could never follow form


yet they still come

sometimes from the dome

at times from the heart

and so I jot them down


some full of soul

others quite numb


one a bore

another fun


never know

what’s in store

but I suppose

that’s the draw



© Heath Muchena, 2014

5 Comments on “Of Song”

  1. milliethom says:

    I’m so glad your poems do ‘still come’ – whether from the dome or the heart!


  2. W. K. Tucker says:

    I can relate…😊


  3. dbp49 says:

    Wherever they come from, they bring with them not only wonderful enjoyment for all who read them, but also inspiration unbounded (sort of like that fellow with the repeatedly eaten liver whose name escapes me right now,… oh yeah, Prometheus, I knew I would think of it.) Lol.


  4. Lucy says:

    I read this and, I just love it. It seems to have effortless charm and honesty that I really relate to. It captures a mood with not so many words; simple and charming.


  5. Loved this! Thank you for your poet’s heart.


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