the inside

you’ve been all over the world

but bet you never met another


yes, I’m full of conceit

you know I’m good at putting on a front


and concealing my feelings

but of course I felt the loss


still I tell myself

he won’t love you as deeply


well, there I go again

all in my feelings

and oh so defensive


when all I should be saying

is that you didn’t have to leave


and we could’ve just taken a break

since we both have dreams to live…


see, I wanted things my way

that was my ego again

and you had your own plans

so it would’ve never worked


wish we had been more dependent

on one another

rather than always trying to prove

we still could do without each other


but remember how you said

to make it worth it?

yes, baby I did –

drew the picture

and the purse opening outlines

just like they wanted

and just as I expected


and they signed the contract

and I managed to retain ownership

and independence

for only I can give life to the seed

and only needed a partnership that had a certain kind of ethic

so they had to cede

before I could relinquish a part of the piece


and so in 2019

the world will finally get it

by then I’ll have the full picture painted

and don’t doubt because I’m going to deliver

the shit that will hit right in the liver


oops! there I go again

making myself appear bigger

than I really am


but this is just in case you’re wondering

not to assume that you care

but thought I’d let you know anyway

and pretend I’ve made some stride

even though I haven’t moved on



© Heath Muchena, 2014

One Comment on “the inside”

  1. magicpoet01 says:

    You are fearless!


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