price establishes fact

whilst value remains only its estimate

so as fun as it may be to speculate

you can only create when you act


© Heath Muchena, 2015


to expect the inanimate

such as the systems we’ve come to inherit

to fix the problems that beset the populations of this planet

is much the same as to await harvest

where there has been no wet


© Heath Muchena, 2015


to appreciate the splendour of what is current is just as important a component as a transistor

but to imagine the future is even greater, like a memristor


© Heath Muchena, 2015


there’s no such thing as an inane question

only a kind of thinking attributable to a mind that is plain


© Heath Muchena, 2015


you can only innovate

when there’s a desire to communicate


© Heath Muchena, 2015


desire creates demand


© Heath Muchena, 2015


one man’s misfortune

is another’s caution


© Heath Muchena, 2015


time and again

without monotony

he encountered beauty at every turn, in all the places he visited

and then it finally dawned on him

that he’ll never be surfeited


© Heath Muchena, 2015


I beseech you

reach out to a loved one

before they are out of reach

and don’t wait to find out from experience if these words be true


© Heath Muchena, 2015


lonely man turns to memories of experience for comfort

and only when a writer learns to tell stories with suspense and all that sort will his work feel less solitary


© Heath Muchena, 2015