Honey Gold Angel

Pretty lady…
honey golden skin.

Please wait a minute
so I can tell you how I’m feeling.

I want to know everything you believe in
as in do you want a husband, or maybe a baby.

Pardon my tongue slipping
but I see us in the future living.

One day I’ll say I told you so
for they say when you know you know.

But before you tell me no
ask yourself if ever you thought you’d smile like so.

I just want a chance to show…
a chance to grow.

And as foolish as this seems
I’m quite sure you’re the very angel I always saw in my dreams.



© Heath Muchena, 2015


11 Comments on “Honey Gold Angel”

  1. I Is there a scent of newfound love in the air this week?


  2. I of July says:

    🙂 I hope it’s always in the air


  3. This is a universal urge. Each of us has someone waiting.


  4. Very romantic. ..I like it


  5. Steph says:

    what a pretty piece. i hope ur dreams come true and if they dont, i would accept that the dream of a dream was a dream in itself…if i were in your shoes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. milliethom says:

    This is lovely – a poem that makes me smile at the images you have created.


  7. Siouxsie says:

    Very intriguing! I hope she says “you look familiar! Aren’t you my future husband?” 😉


  8. learningtocry says:

    Oh. What woman wouldn’t want to hear those words? So sweet. Lovely. I esp like..do you want a husband, or maybe a baby.


    Liked by 1 person

  9. I of July says:

    so pleased you like it Suz, your feedback means a lot 🙂


  10. learningtocry says:

    : )


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