Alice in Wonder End

how could I ever forget
when I knew you since crèche
and you were the girl next door who may as well have been my first
so pretty, so tall, so perfect

last saw you when you made the effort to visit all the way from Kent
during my brief stint in the North West
and even then it seemed nothing had changed between us in all those years

I regret how I didn’t so much cherish
and took for granted how coincidence had reunited us in that unexpected place

last I heard you’d moved back to the motherland
got married and moved to Johannesburg
which makes me happy – still I must confess
I should’ve appreciated you more
but now that I’ve disclosed, at least I can put it all to rest


© Heath Muchena, 2015


2 Comments on “Alice in Wonder End”

  1. milliethom says:

    Yes, just another memory to file away in your/ the character’s head. 🙂


  2. laurabednarz24 says:



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