Walking Waverly Way ii

many have lost their lives for free expression
but have been kept alive through recognition
and their dignity thus preserved

miraculously, there are innumerable numbers
whose dear lives have been transformed and saved
by having the platform to share – even in their darkest moments

often shedding a light that would otherwise have been denied
and finding new leases on life

such a wonderful thing to observe


© Heath Muchena, 2015


7 Comments on “Walking Waverly Way ii”

  1. The sacrifice, even of a physical life, need never be in vain.


  2. milliethom says:

    Beautifully expressed, Heath.


  3. This is the kind of poetry that I really like! straight forward to the point, and crisp!


  4. I of July says:

    thanks Millie, here’s the back-story – I had an older cousin who once showed me a manuscript he had been working on when I was about 13-14 yrs old. And once, I even lied to mother about going on study vacation and spent a few weeks at his house talking about girls and books. Then I went overseas for many yrs and over time communication waned. I remember a time I was back home in Zimbabwe on holiday and was supposed to meet up with him but something came up and we couldn’t, but we chatted over the phone. Some time after we got news that he was gone. Took his life. I often wonder if he’d kept up writing all those yrs. He was a very intelligent medical scientist and a character you could never truly understand but with such an aura. I miss him.

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  5. I of July says:

    thank you. kind words Rodrick Rajive Lal.


  6. milliethom says:

    This is a very sad story, Heath. It must have been hard for you to come to terms with your cousin’s death, and the reasons why he resorted to taking his own life. Your poem certainly reflects your feelings of sadness for those who feel they have nowhere to turn – and no one to understand, or even listen. In your cousin’s case, the desperation he felt seems to have been exacerbated by the fact that his talents were unrecognised. I agree that often deep and intelligent or gifted people like him emit a ceratin aura. You obviously enjoyed each other’s company when you were younger, sharing all those mischievous things that boys will do. Thank you for explaining this to me.

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