Bargain’s Den ii

Boss Bargain’s Estate

Gondo has been granted exclusive access to the art studio in Bargain’s home museum on alternate weekends to work on the manifesto, a work Boss Bargain thought would raise Gustav Le Bon from his grave with both fury and praise and Edward Bernays with questions and interest.

It had started off innocently, with Gondo doing honest freelance work for Bargain’s fundraising. Then he received a courtesy golfing invitation, which he reluctantly accepted, but was later thankful for, since there he managed to secure Bargain’s endorsement, which was more than he could’ve ever hoped for.

And then he was introduced to the Boss’ daughter. Their connection was instant. He remembers their first stroll around the orchard, on a sunny afternoon – the sky was ultramarine blue like something out of Titian’s painting, but regardless of the scenic surroundings, Gondo’s mind was fixed on her ethereal beauty. That encounter too was quite innocent, and had they not made a habit of it, he would’ve never crossed the line, especially with the stakes being so high.

He couldn’t quite put his finger on the moment when the initial advances were made or who had initiated, but since they were both adults, it mattered little and naturally they did what adults do. But Bargain would never approve, in fact, this could have well been the death of Gondo. But they both didn’t care, although they tried to ensure their dusty laundry would never air. And whenever Bargain was away on business, they’d stay up late – cocktails and herbal, sex, romance, she’d paint, he’d write. It was a heaven sent that was never meant…

but that was not the end.

© Heath Muchena, 2015


4 Comments on “Bargain’s Den ii”

  1. The business of Bargain- perhaps it was dealing in souls.


  2. I of July says:

    interesting thought righteous one 🙂


  3. Jordan Lewis says:

    There’s a subtle beauty to this. I really like the way it’s paced. Awesome job!


  4. I of July says:

    thanks Jordan… that’s great feedback, appreciate it


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