A Lange Lesson

to ensure the utmost enjoyment is derived from art
one not only needs to get lost in his imagination

he also has to master self-deception


© Heath Muchena, 2015



10 Comments on “A Lange Lesson”

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Master self-deception

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  2. Oh the sweet lies a mind will tell
    When faced with things unwanted
    And escape is the only way to cope
    When faced by ones personal hell

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  3. Sir Morose says:

    Such wise words

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  4. Magicians are those who choose wordplay!

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  5. E.J.C.R. says:

    Very true! I know my writing isn’t working if it’s not playing in my head like a movie.

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  6. Mary says:

    Interesting and intriguing – I do like the line, “master self-deception.”


  7. vivachange77 says:

    Shrewd observation.

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  8. Man, this is so the exact – EXACT – way I would describe anyone’s love for Picasso…. Cool…

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  9. shanakant says:

    Beautiful, and I agree.

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