The Plea for a Midwinter Marriage

There they stood. It was the moment of truth so as he should – he got down on one knee and expressed to her, by the same words Thomas Hood used when he said to his wife, ‘I never was anything, dearest, till I knew you; and I have been a better, happier, and more prosperous man ever since.’

There was a slight pause, and then he continued, this time in his own words, ‘You’re my everything, princess, and I love you. Be my wife, for the greater good… and I promise with my life you shall be my one and only interest, and I’ll try my very best to be as your prince.


© Heath Muchena, 2015

2 Comments on “The Plea for a Midwinter Marriage”

  1. john hauge says:

    the best laid plans of mice and men.


  2. milliethom says:

    I can imagine which version appealed to her the most. Although… if this lady has an inflated ego, then his opening phrase the first time would likely boost that egostill further.


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