A Writer’s Work on A Woman VII

she had so much love to give
never putting her needs before the kids’

and if she could adopt them all, I believe
she’d have had a brood like the convict cichlids’

for the way she lived
one would think she was Stella Maris

© Heath Muchena, 2015


3 Comments on “A Writer’s Work on A Woman VII”

  1. lemongrass says:

    The first two lines makes me wonder.. why ‘women’ are mostly described as these “selfless mothers” .. surely, sometime, they could do what they needed instead of always doing what their kids need.. just a thought that this poem brought in my mind! 🙂
    I like how you dont use punctuations and still acheive the right pauses at the right places..


  2. I of July says:

    thanks for the comment lemongrass, a very thought-provoking observation ie. the portrayal of women as selfless mothers… I do get your angle but I think that a woman who truly embraces womanhood is no less of a ”new age woman” – I think the lines have been blurred much by the fact that in a lot cases women are still not treated as men’s equals and at times the fight for equal rights gets confused for woman taking on men’s behavioural traits too just to be proven equal. I personally have no problems and completely respect women who chose to not exercise their maternal endowments (be that they are) in the same way I totally respect and honour those who take on those maternal responsibilities for without that there’d be no human race… a woman’s sensitivity and greater love (arguably) is no detriment to her standing in society I don’t think. as a man raised by a mother, a woman who has never expressed regret but is proud of the role she played and continues to play, as a selfless parent. I think it’s a responsibility she embraces as she recognises that no other esp. no man could have managed the same, them willing or not. so I see it as a strength rather than a weakness… and that applies to womanhood overall. a power that I think most, sadly, women themselves often fail to realise and take ownership of. women make men contrary to popular belief.

    your comment was so interesting… pardon the rant and thanks for the compliment re the rhythm 🙂

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  3. lemongrass says:

    Oh.. its alright. I enjoy rants.
    It explained your views to a great extent. 🙂

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