Purple Passage for the Pen & Peace Man

I don’t mind how you go about it
As long as you don’t write like the Parnassians
Without mystery and in a form so rigid and strict
That leaves nothing to the imagination

But first, accolades you must detest
Along with so-called success
Which tends to be the profligate lifestyles licensed to the licentious
Tammany of literati elects…

Oh yes, I too once wondered upon encountering Kipling’s works
If the Nobel he received at 42 was well deserved
But then again it is said to be the only kind of honour he was happy to accept
That privileged freemason who vacationed at Rhodes’ Groote Schuur estate in The Woolsack

I even dove deeper into the ponderings as I was already in that mindset
Questioning if it wasn’t just the face of death that brought Nobel to near proper sense
But having invented dynamite and amassing wealth from the business of armaments
To then establish a prize for peace just seemed to one a little berserk
So certainly for those honours – one has no respect
Nor for the fanciful principles of moral approbation
Because all I really care for is to write with great erudition

© Heath Muchena, 2015

One Comment on “Purple Passage for the Pen & Peace Man”

  1. And besides that,I know all these great big words’ and somebody has to read them! 😉

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