The Conflicted Life of Cocky Humble iii

Setting: Humble Studios
Personae: Cocky Humble, a sculptor; Sonia, his longtime lover

I don’t know sweetheart, perhaps I’m being a bit too bold
this has never been done before
if it has then it surely never made it to a public show
so I think it wise to put this whole project on hold

and what kind of artist would that make you?
I know you think no one can escape the force
you’ve mentioned before that even the architect of international law
Hugo Grotius couldn’t

true that may be, but what I know for sure
is that should your work land you in the hole because it’s controversial
I vow to come to your rescue, hide you in a book chest if I have to
just as Hugo’s wife did, for I will never let anyone keep you behind any wall

© Heath Muchena, 2015


an employee always seeks security
to know how much he will earn over the course of a period

while the employer – whose income comes from the profits
is often uncertain of how much he will make

but what is more interesting to learn
are the lessons the former won’t take

to sharpen his wits
and realise his surety is but a fraud

© Heath Muchena, 2015


to lose one’s will
or more accurately, the ability to use one’s own
amounts to surrendering energy to the field
for others to harness and oft-times wield authority over… and so on

© Heath Muchena, 2015


justice cannot prevail
unless among individuals whose rights are equal

© Heath Muchena, 2015


one wonders why they fight for freedoms
which but grant the ability to do only what is allowed them

© Heath Muchena, 2015


the surest way to exercise control over men is by offering them protection

© Heath Muchena, 2015


an argument can be made for the existence of free thought
but free speech – certainly not

also it is not smart to speak truth at all times
even fatal to speak a full truth under any circumstances

because time and again it has been proven
that it is better and best to dissemble

so when your tongue escapes this sense
remember to quickly conclude in cadence

© Heath Muchena, 2015


we don’t understand how our modern moral standards were established
and how they’ll continue to evolve

for instance, we forget there was once a time when a thief was punished
not for the theft, but for being found out

© Heath Muchena, 2015


before paying your tithes or tribute, or simply taxes
before exercising your duty, a word derived from due
meaning debt or obedience and observance of law
the law which, synonymous with force, is actualized by the penalties attached to it

before all that
one has to wonder
whether a savage man is not truly the free being
and a civilised man the slave

© Heath Muchena, 2015

The Lewd Life of Lucian Lansdowne iii

Setting: Lansdowne’s Living Room
Personae: Sir Lucian; and his physician, Dr Shaw

Shaw! now look, I’ve been taking it easy
believe me, I’ve slowed down a whole lot
but you’re asking too much in suggesting I cut out the most sensual of pleasures
besides, what could be a greater good or more virtuous? tell me!

I’m not here to listen to your Cyrenaic lectures!
in simple terms, this is the last time I’m being complacent in this clearly unethical practice
… fact that you need me to keep delivering these potency pills tells me you haven’t quite come to terms with your diminished vigour…
perhaps it’s time you start seeking some other thrills and put an end to your venereal acts…
how about unadulterated companionship? you should give that a go!
you’re too old… it’s time you give it up, Lans!

I’ve always known you to be circumspect
but c’mon man, don’t fret
forget you’re my physician for one sec and just be a mate

yeah, well, go on then… but you already know my stance…

one question, got just one for you…
how are things with the missus?

and what’s that got to do with this… with anything? (a short silence)
if I must – all is well, thank you!

I mean how are things… you know, between the sheets?

that’s none of your business…



(a slightly longer silence)

shall I take your silence to mean we have a tacit agreement?

© Heath Muchena, 2015