Cloud Mine ii

wonder, like a cloud drifting by
is always in the movement

and at a distance

so when it comes to our thing of beauty
it appears you and I

are close and stagnant
making our bliss rather boring

as any end to a romance

© Heath Muchena, 2015


11 Comments on “Cloud Mine ii”

  1. Nitin says:

    You captured the sentiment so beautifully. Lovely!

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  2. izza ifzaal says:

    I like the end

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  3. I of July says:

    Thank you, dear friend


  4. I of July says:

    I’m glad 🙂 thank you Izza, I appreciate it

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  5. saine13 says:

    Today was sunny, then a slight shower of rain. I stepped outside to get some air… and brushed across the dark rain clouds was a stunning rainbow of glowing colours. That made me think how beautiful things can appear to be in a chance moment… yet at the same time how quickly they can soon fade away and disappear.
    It is a sad truth that romance never lasts. Familiarity often breeds contempt.

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  6. I of July says:

    Your anecdote perfectly demonstrates…. Thank you very much Lesley

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  7. izza ifzaal says:


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  8. this poem is beautifully written.


  9. With more to come I feel I must advise : Enjoy each one until reality sets in. Then though your poetry may sour, your life will bloom. [ Real love carries fewer blooms but more fragrance ! ]


  10. I of July says:

    Wise words bro 🙂

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