Beatitudes Bay iii

I am in thrall to her charm
her savoir faire

she has a real presence
the delectable missus…
well, she has a name
but it here serves no purpose

the only downside
is that after most of our encounters
I’m left with a deep despondency

and I have come to conclude
since I’ve always had a sense
she gives me leftover love
that the reason is – this second rate romance

yet I indulge in the above
thinking there’s no attachment
now I can’t seem to get enough

guess I should have figured that from the start

moreover, she’s also developed a dependence
bringing to the surface all the feelings
for so long she’s tried to keep dormant

and although we both want out
we’ve somehow found comfort
you because of something in me you discovered
and I because something inside of you I uncovered

© Heath Muchena, 2015


One Comment on “Beatitudes Bay iii”

  1. Seems that love is more stable and real, when it is between two strong, independent people.

    Liked by 1 person

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