Session with Sensei

breaking into the industry is like trying to become a member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club or something… I swear this sh*t got me on the verge of quitting, man!

’bout time you quit tryna fit in, that’s for sure!
see dude… I just think you need to take a different approach… innovative, yes… but stay original… you’re not Gerald Celente so no need to follow trends, all right!

you have what it takes, just do it your way!

eh, I think you’re right man… you just made me realise that my reliance on their approval and acceptance is no different to say: allowing titles to become the determinant basis for estimating worth…

dude, yeah! that’s exactly it. one can be Councillor, Lord, Knight, all sorts and the like – but if they don’t recognise that the play of social life, with all its honours and distinctions, is in fact just a way for the establishment to keep things hierarchical – then hey, poor them I say, for then it means their intellect is already arrested

I agree, because by having another man measure your value and give you status, you are in that feigned uplifting, only confirming that you’re subordinate, since you wouldn’t be otherwise awarded the titles or honours if they deemed you a threat to their power

now you see, they understand all too well the dependence of social standing on the supposed merits of status symbols… so always remember that, and do it your way, you got what it takes!

© Heath Muchena, 2015

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